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Goth/Gothic style is a tricky thing. 

Because there are so many preferences and crossovers between subgenres, putting ones finger on, or defining "Goth as Goth' not only can't be done, but it's a big no-no.


The main tell-tale heart of Goth is that is embraces dark aesthetic.

The dark aesthetic are the main feelings and scenery, or the elements of dark literature. 

Edgar Allan Poe and Mary Shelley ring first to mind, but further back, the lineage is based strongly in the medieval Black Forest of Germany and Scandinavia. 


Authors such as Dacre, Parsons and Walpole continued the mysterious travels, dark legends and ghosts of the past. Be they archetype or historical, fact, fiction or folly, the Gothic aesthetic embraces the dark.         

Many people say that Goth style comes from the music, and for many, that is how they came to it; however, Goth style is rooted in Gothic literature...much of which is retold or embodied in what has come to be known as "Gothic Rock". 

Goth too is considered by many to be a subgenre of the Post punk scene of the 80s, just as Scene and Emo are subgenres of Goth and some of which cross back over into a stronger Punk style or lean more towards a black metal vibe.


As times change, these styles become redefined, and it's difficult to keep up with what is or isn't "Goth", and other than it embracing the dark aesthetics, there really is no simple and true or definitive answer to what Goth is...because it's really only defined by your own beautiful and creatively dark self. 




There are many and various Gothic styles because everyone has their own way of expressing it; 

from Victorian to Boho, Pirate to Vampy, Batcave to Industrial...and beyond. 

Style is always changing.  



Everything I design here has bits of my own personal Gothic style mixed in, albeit I am currently limited as far as what I *can* make based on current available resources, but I try.   

Here are a few items that we have available that may be of interest to a Gothic soul.   


Gothic Graffiti Vintage Scroll Boots

When piecing together a Gothic outfit, you can't go wrong with scroll or filigree pattern, especially in a more "traditional" style.

Scroll pattern can be dressed up or dressed down, but is a perfect addition to almost every dark outfit. 


The come in sizes for both men and women and cost around $60.

Vintage Skull T-Shirt Dress & Matching Leggins


Vintage Looking skull adorns both the front on this t-shirt dress as well as the bottom of the matching leggins. 

Both items are sold separately and are available in sizes up to a 2XL.

Each item costs around $30.

Matching these 2 items up not your thing? Dress up the t-shirt dress with fishnet stockings and some chunky boots or platform shoes and a nice jacket, or dress down with plain black tights, boots and an oversized sweater. 

There really is no *right* or *wrong* way. Your style is hauntingly beautiful. 


Gothic Home Decorating

Decorator Pillows


I love making the pillows and home goods as much as I enjoy making the clothing. I could never find exactly what I wanted from any retailer. I wanted Gothic home goods that weren't just Halloweeny, but were easily integrated into standard styles and were easily mix and matchable.

All in all, it just depends on what you are drawn to, what you think looks good.

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