"Husker Fetch: Baba Duke" Talismanic Ceramic Ornament

"Husker Fetch: Baba Duke" Talismanic Ceramic Ornament

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Husker Fetch: Baba Duke

In the Veshigi tradition of Appalachian witchcraft, a husker fetch is a doll made from the husks of, nuts, woods, cork, or any hollowed out object. A "fetch" is just what it sounds like, it's job is to fetch a thing, as requested by the witch. 

Baba Duke means "Mama Spindle" or (stitcher lady). To ask Mama Spindle to fetch a thing, she sews the requested energy/manifested desire into the "fabric" of energy or reality of the witch. 


*encant is written in runes around the front of the ornament.




.: Front and back
.: 0.15" (4mm) thick high-quality porcelain
.: Hanging hole
.: Comes with a ribbon for hanging

measurements: 2.29" x 3.23"

  • Instructions for use

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