Enchanted: A Book of Veshigi Forest Craeft & Ancestral Majik

Enchanted: A Book of Veshigi Forest Craeft & Ancestral Majik

This is the first book in my introduction series. This is just the pdf and does not include the class.


pdf. 142 color pages. 
Contains author experiences and commentary, notes on ForestCraefts, printable recipes, how to create and work with ancestor dolls, talismanic garlands, blood candles, notes on canning and preserving, how to make pouches, effigies and egregores and more.

Also comes with  a printable spirit board and compact forest oracle deck of 32 cards.


I am sure you will find grammar and punctuation errors. 
I didn't write this work to be critiqued on how fast my fingers type and how quckly my brain catches any errors. I wrote it as a heartful and powerful expression of some of the techniques I and others like me, have found of benefit over the past several decades. 


I wanted to create something beautiful, with full color pages that would compliment any Book of Shadows if printed out to accomodate such. I also tried to explain various methods as simply as I could without losing the darkly beautiful and poetic nature that these practices inspire. 


This pdf is only meant as an introduction to the Veshigi tradition. Some of the explanations are brief, but as stated, it will take several books and other various means to teach the tradition fully. 


This is a powerfully wonderful and liberating majikal tradition, deserving of the time and commitment it takes to have a full working knowledge of it. It isn't a light-hearted, push button quickie kind of majik. 

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    pdf in zipped format. 212 Mb. 


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