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T-Shirt Fitty

T-shirts are iffy. Sometimes you get a size that you think will fit, and then it doesn't fit as expected. Sometimes it fits ok, but then shrinks in the dryer, which is the case with our slim fit tees, which is why we say "size up".

This isn't the case with the Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee.

The shirt fits a little larger than expected, and even after drying on normal heat, it didn't shrink.

Pandemic got me all fatted. LOL. However, this t-shirt got me covered!

I've gotten several of these and they all fit super comfortable. As you can see, right before I took the photo, I spilled coffee on it.

It's soft, stretchy and roomy. The photo shows a 2XL shirt. I usually wear a 1XL, but I wanted to size up for the roominess.

If you want a comfy, roomy t-shirt, this one definitely fits the bill. The colors are clean and bold and sharp and the graphic looks awesome!

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