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Spooky Cute, Shhh-tyle Guide & a little bit of comparison window shopping-for the naysayers. ;)

I've been working on this style guide thing...but it's a little bit of a secret, so shhhh! ;)

It should be ready the beginning of next week.

But here's a little sneaky peek, and proof that I am indeed wurkin. ;)

The other thing that I'm pretty excited about is my collaboration on a few products with my most amazing daughter.

She wanted a swimsuit and helped to design a pretty cute one!

We call it "Sugar Skull Kitty Cookies" because that's exactly what it looks like.

I figured "why stop there?"

So when she wasn't looking I made some matching flippery-flops and a t-shirt dress as a surprise.

These are just too cute!

The entire outfit costs around $80. The dress starts at $32, The flip-flops are $23 and the swimsuit is $26 for all sizes. The dress is available in sizes XS through 2XL, Flip flops size small through large and the swimsuit sizes from XS through 3XL.

All of the graphics were hand-drawn by me.

I love being able to make my daughter the things she likes, and it's even more wonderful when she can contribute her creativity to the mix. Sharing our creation in the shop makes it all the more sweeter.

Now before you get all "holy shit, Ari! That's expensive!" Let me remind you that for plus sizes swimmies at Hot Topic, you get ONE piece for around $30.

No offense HT. They're cute! And we're going to pay for that Disney special license and all, so I get it. I've spent more than my share of money at Hot Topic over the years too, but I'm just saying...novelty items and special prints cost a little more.

At least over here, you know who did the art, who's cutting the fabric, and just exactly where your hard earned cash is going.

Many novelty t-shirt dresses are going for between $20 and $35.

Their flip flops?

Over the years, I've purchased all of these things. I know how they're made, and for the most part, they're made well...depending on how you care for them.

My point isn't to bash, but a simple product comparison for all of those folks who drive on up, take a look at my prices and then get the Wal*Fart bug and keep moving.

How long did the last pair of leggins your bought from a bigbox chain last you before they started to become "see through"? Do they run like nylon stockings? Mine do.

Bigbox flip flops lasted me 2 weeks before the thong pulled out, and I was just wearing them to water my plants.

Just take a moment before you ding dong ditch my products. Think about how much money you actually waste on imported stuff that rarely lasts a season. Think about where those products are made that's getting you that "deal".

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