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Pirate-y Ankhs & Starflowers

We spent yesterday afternoon collecting items to store for the physical store once it's built. We had a really nice time getting out and about.

It's the little things, yanno?

In the morning though, I just felt compelled to work with black and red stripes (which felt active and of course, reminds one of pirates.) I added ankhs to them because it felt right.

I imagine this dress with an oversized sweater, long dangly necklaces of beads and vintage treasures, fishnet stockins and some big chunky black boots. Matching panties just seal the deal. :)

Guys just gotta have fun too, so I made a couple of joggers with ankh pockets, and some pretty cool piratey ankh socks and boxer briefs to match. :)

I also finished up a few matching items to the "Sugar Skull Kitties: Strange Tails":

The dress and a pair of leggins:

"They look like pajamas"

Then wear them as pajamas. LOL. I know some shops *do* have them listed as jammie sets because they chose to market them that way.

I find the fabric too thick to be light and airy enough for sleep comforts, but that largely depends upon where you sleep and what season.

I wear leggins and t-shirts to bed, but the dream spirits don't seem to care what you wear to bed. Fabric be fabric; however, those leggins are going to get really warm in a nice cozy bed because they aren't made of the loose kind of thin fabric most jammie pants are made of. Dress is the same deal. I find it to be thick and sturdy.

I think they'd be ideal for chilly Summer evenings outdoors - perfect by campfire telling some stories by Lovecraft or Poe, but it's a matter of preference. :)

As Winter jammies, sure, why not.

The leggins will look great with any color of the "Sugar Skull Kitties: Strange Tails" T-shirt.

I also have been sitting on a bunch of variations of a starflower design I create a month or so back. It just didn't feel like the right time to release them, not to mention, I couldn't think of a good name for them.

So, here we have "Starflower" boots in 6 variations.

So far, I've only made these to fit standard women feets, but I'll be sure to get these patterns on to the men's foot sizes soon.

Women's sizes run from a US 6.5 through an 11 and all sizes are $66.

Today, is pretty rainy outside. This morning calls for pancakes and sausage, me thinks.

Maybe a mid-morning nap considering I didn't sleep too well, and then I'll probably continue working on this guy:

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