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Not a Gremlin.

A long time ago, I made a bunch of little spooky cute virtual items called "Sugar Skull Kitties". They were a big hit! The sim was always full of collectors, trying their luck with the gatcha machine to see if they could score a rare.

All in all, I made 14. They even made a little sound when you'd hold em.

Anyway, aside from being popular, they started getting a bit of a reputation...

Ok, haunted. They got blamed for being haunted. It seems as though they would start meowing at irregular times, and disappeared and reappeared in a different spot. Second Life is full of glitches, but nooooo....when something goes awry, "let's blame the kitty."

Perhaps it was kitty's scripting, but whenever a sugar skull kitty was around certain objects, those objects would begin to display rather *odd* behaviors as well.

Gremlins?! oh, no no no! No. Not a gremlin. *ahem* Nope.

Just look at dems cute wittle faces. Does that look like the face of pure evil to you?

I think not.

So, life being life...we returned the sim to the land owner, packed up our belongings, and pretty much abandoned everything to the inventory.

Even the innocent little Sugar Skull Kitties.

Flash forward...7 years...aaand it looks like they found me.

This morning, for no good reason, one popped into my brain. Before I knew it, I was giving it a physical presence by drawing it. One ting led to another and I gave it a book to read. Of course, it *would* be a book of strange tales...I mean, it's not like the thing is going to get inspired by reading it, right?

"Sugar Skull Kitties! Strange Tails" Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee

The face of pure innocence.

This shirt is the first of many. It comes in 5 colors and sizes from small through 3XL.

So, for the next few - how ever long it takes, I'm going to recreate these little monstrosities-*ahem* I mean cuties, *looks over shoulder*, by drawing them anew and putting them onto t-shirts and other odds and ends.

Adopt a cute Sugar Skull Kitty!...please I beg you...I'll love them! Look at their cute little selves meaning no harm...with no bad intentions whatsoever!

Check back daily! Yanno, to make sure I'm still breathing and stuff.

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