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Lots of Autumn and a little bit of magic

Yesterday started off with me hand-painting a wonderful little line-drawn pumpkin and turning it into a Jack-o-lantern. :)

Obviously, I name him "Jack", and then proceeded to smear his face on a few items, including a new art piece entitled "Jack's Place".

With the world gone mad, this little place in the Autumn forest with crunchy leaves, old things and Jack's smiling face, brings I made a poster and a t-shirt out of it.

"Jack's Place" Unisex Art T-Shirt

There he is, all smiling under in his Autumn garden under the light of a full moon. A place to get away to.

Sizes range from small to a 5 XL. $25.

The back image is the same as the front.

I loved the piece so much, I also put it on a 20" x 30" poster as well as a ceramic ornament. The ornament is $12, the poster is $15.

but wait! there's more! 😂

Jack loves you, so I put him on leggins, a relaxed fit women's tank top and another unisex tee.

Aren't they adorable! And look at the butt:

Pumpkin butt ! LOL! I just thought it was really cute that the 2 sides of the fabric met up where they did. They don't connect perfectly, but the pumpkin landed in a fun position.

The leggins range in size from a small to a 3XL and cost about $28.

I own several pairs of these leggins and they are the most comfy leggins I have. They keep my legs warm, but not hot. They're also super soft. They may not be the best to wear in say, August, but if you have long and damp seasons like we do, they're perfect.

I thought the women's relaxed t-shirt/tank top with a Jack head on it would compliment the leggins nicely. It's loose, soft and even in Autumn, comfortable...especially under a big sweater. As we get older, loose fitting and cool become a necessity. One minute we're too damn hot and the next, we're too cold, so sweater on-sweater off is pretty much how I do all day long.

The tank comes in sizes small through large. $28.

The back of the shirt is a pretty standard "tank top" design, and as with all of my products, has my "GG atomic heart" logo on the back. I made this logo match the front design, and also so that it looked like it was carved from pumpkin skin. :)

The unisex "Jack" t-shirt features his smiling face, and matches the leggins perfectly as well!

Some folks aren't into tank tops and others may not like the all-over-print design...soooo, I stuck his face on a black unisex tee.

Again, the back features our logo, in pumpkin skin style. :)

It's a short sleeve tee, made of 100% soft cotton. It's available in sizes small through 3XL and ranges in price from $21 to $27, depending on size.

The other things I worked on were a few ornaments.

The "Gemini Moon" ornament was originally created as a jewelry cameo for me, because I'm a Gemini Moon.

It's great as a gift for yourself, or for a twin or sibling, or that best friend that may as well be your twin.

They're ceramic, and measure a little over 2 inches wide and 3 inches in height.

The backs feature my signature as the artist, and the Gothic Graffiti name and logo.


You know, everyone has their own images that play out in their mind when they hear a story. For me, it happened with "Lenore".

"Clasp a rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore.” Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.”

But what happened to Lenore? The poem doesn't specify. mid 1800's were a difficult time, rife with disease and poverty and all

manner of strangeness. In this piece Lenore has risen from the dead, with full moon and a pair of ravens at her back.

A page from the poem "The Raven" serves as a border on this ornament, along with a bit of the opening of the poem

"It was in the bleak December and each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor." ellipsed at top and bottom.

Every now and then, I make a talismanic thing. The "Husker Fetch: Baba Duke" ornament is an example of this. It's made the same way as the other ornaments, only with a talismanic item, such as this, certain preparations and empowerments are done magically to take the ordinary thing and make it a magical one.

This one was created as a talisman or a connective piece to the Veshigi tradition of the "Stitcher Lady" or "Baba Duke", which means "Mama Spindle". A longer description is on the item page itself.

The front displays a "husker fetch" commonly known as a husk doll, that I created circa 2013, to connect to Mama Spindle. An encant is written in runes that ellipses top and bottom. Instructions on how to use this device in a majikal work is delivered separately by email when you purchase one. $13.

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