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Halloween Tree Star Ornaments

I designed ornaments for your Halloween trees!

You can decorate your Halloween tree with them, hang them in a window, or add them to your other Halloween or Autumn decor. These festive little stars look great no matter where you place them!

The design is printed on the front side of the ornament, leaving the back blank so that you can paint your own quote or another statement on the back.

I made each ornament look as though they were handcrafted with fabric, paper, foil, and yarn ...but of course, they're not. But the designs are printed on nice thick porcelain and bring a folk art touch to any room, and they make a unique gift. :)

Ornament Descriptions and links to items:

*Please remember that these designs are only made to look like fabric, they are not made of fabric. They are printed onto porcelain. I just want to make sure nobody gets confused, orders it thinking it's really made of fabric, and then gets angry and disappointed when they get something different than expected.

Review: The String

They have a little weight on them, so if you're hanging them in a window, I'd be careful about any strong wind banging them against a thin pane of glass. They do come with a little gold-tone string, which is nice...but you might want to consider changing that out to a stronger ribbon. I'd hate something like a shitty little string to be the end-all of a pretty porcelain piece.

All I can suggest is to give the string a good tug. If it feels *iffy*, switch it out. ;)

Ornament Information:

.: 0.125" (3mm) thick high-quality porcelain

.: Star shapes!

.: Front side is printed with the design. The back is blank for writing on it.

.: Gold-toned string included, but eh...maybe place a stronger one on it.

.: The height of the hole can slightly deviate, but not by much.

.: Each pack contains a single ornament.

I made 6 star-shaped Halloween ornaments this go-round, but I think I may do some circle-shaped ones next. Ooo! Maybe a Halloween tree skirt! Muhahaha! Check back often, because me brain cauldron is brewing. *enter witchy cackle here*

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