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Enchanted Forest Foxy & Dandelion Plaid

Granted; plaids aren't everybody's cup of tea, especially when the plaid contains a mustard yellow - however - I thought it looked really cute.

As usual when making a matching pattern for an art piece, I take all of the colors in the original design to match the new pattern for a matching item.

Such was the case with the Magical Forest Fox shirt and dandelion plaid leggins:

Here we have foxy painted in Scandinavian style, with dandelion motifs, along with a few leafy plants, stars, moon and flowers.

Dandelion seeds are seen flying either onto foxy, or from foxy, but either way, she seems unbothered.

Intentional colors used are a deep warm burnt orange, mustard or honey yellow, cream, black and sage green.

Here's a closeup view of the plaid pattern.

Unintentionally, olives and grays emerge, as well as other tones of red like mauves, burgundy and a beautiful pumpkin orange where the lines cross.

I can even see some bits of purple and maybe even an aqua in there as well.

Anyway, I really liked the way it turned out.

I wanted something that had a warm Summer breezy vibe.

I think I got that with this shirt and plaid.

I thought it was a perfect fir for the leggins as an optional matching piece for the t-shirt.

I imagine runs to the market or garden center in this outfit.

Clever foxy is unbothered by the small stuff. ;)

The shirt is 100% cotton, sizes from a small through a 3XL, comes in 7 colors and starts at $14.

The leggins range in size from XS through 2XL, and start at $26.

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