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Collar & Necklace Tags

Made in the U.S.A.

I have to admit, I was a little on the fence with these at first.

Not that they don't look great, because they do. I was afraid of the paint.

I'm worrisome when it comes to "what comes from where", almost to the point that it's paralyzing at times. These tags are printed in Phoenix, Arizona, so my worry about other countries' regulations on lead content went away.

For the most part, those regulations are for people, and not for items specifically slated for animals, but I don't care...if I can't wear it or eat it, neither can they.

These seem to be ok.

Pet tags for people?

I know, it seems a little odd to some folks to put these up for sale as collar AND necklace tags, but, here's the thing: you know those cute little necklace tags you can buy at mall shops? These are pretty much the same thing.

The description we see when we begin designing them is "Personalized pet tags provide a fresh way to spice up a furry friend's collar. The tag and clip are both made of metal. This increased durability comes in handy, as collar pieces can snag on brush, corners, etc. The base color is white, giving designs an even printing surface. Both sides are flattened."

They don't specify exactly what metal is used, but from what I can tell, they're made of some kind of steel alloy. Most pet tags are made from some form of aluminum. The paint is glossy and both sides are coated, and since it's printed here in the United States, they have to comply with the lead content regulations, so I feel confident with that.

If you have sensitive skin, like me, and are planning to wear one of these tags on a nice cord, I can't say for sure that you wouldn't react if it touches bare skin. Everyone is different. I would bear on the side of caution, and if you do wear one and start to break out, just lengthen the cord so it touches your clothes, not your skin, or just don't wear it at all.

I definitely wouldn't wear it every day, or when I go to sleep, and definitely not in the pool or anything, because like any metal, coated or not, the paint will eventually wear off, and the metal will rust.

They are printed on both sides. I left the backside free of design in case someone wanted to engrave or paint a few words on the back of them. I've read that you should never put your pet's name on the tag though.

I bought a cute little tag from a mall retailer, and its nickel content made me break out, so it's hard to say.

BUT these are cute, and it gives me a nice little alternative to get some of my hex sign designs out there for furry babies, and folks alike.

About the hex sign designs

If you're not of the witchery world, and especially if you're not familiar with Pennsylvania Dutch culture, you might not have a clue what the word "hex" means, or what in the world a "hex sign" actually is, and might be afraid of what you've seen or heard on T.V.

What the word "hex" means, is magic. Any kind of magic. Hex is the German word for magic, and a hexa is someone who practices the art of putting energy into an item or has the ability to manipulate energy to do a thing.

Is it bad? Sometimes. It depends on the person and what they intend to do. Just like anything else.

So, what is a "hex sign"? A hex sign is a talisman designed by an artist or witch, that is believed to exhibit some energy or influence in the area it is displayed, or around the people who carry them.

They are designed with symbols, each having a specific meaning to the artist, and usually placed in a geometric pattern.

I design my own hex signs. Some of the ones I have designed are seen above and each description below is linked to that hex's purchase page.

  • Triple-Ag Hex: Designed for the farmer or gardener, with symbols in the "key of 4" (the 4 seasons/elements), to promote flow and balance. Raindrops, vines, berries, seeds, and wheat are the symbols used. Each symbol has been instilled with intention and each hex sign is empowered at the time of creation. This hex is displayed for good harvests, growth, and a good season in agriculture.

  • Pumpkin Hex: Designed for agriculture as well as Autumn lovers. Pumpkins are a symbol of focus, care, compassion -and in many circumstances- "luck". They are also a symbol of wealth, fortune, community, and communication. Not to mention...HALLOWEEN. So, these are a fun alternative if you're into the spooky season, but not in the "ooky-wooky" way. It is also created in the "key of 4" as well as the 8's (creation and all corners) and displays other symbols such as wheat, berries, flowers, and vines.

  • Hellebunny Hex: If you're not familiar with the "3 hares" in mythic Europe, this one might be a little confusing. Actually, there is a lot of speculation on just exactly what our ancestors actually used this symbol for. I have my own feelings and ideas about it, which you can read here: It's a jpeg image so it'll open up when you click it. Basically, I believe the 3 hares act as a ward and a protective, so keeping the wearer safe from harm and more aware of any danger that may be lurking in the shadows. it features bunnies, pyramids, and an all-seeing eye.

  • Crescent Moon Cat Hex: Crescent moons represent beginnings. Well, the first quarter of the moon does that precisely, and that is what is represented here. Cats are playful, alert, and sensitive creatures. They don't miss a beat. If something is around, they will surely know about it AND attack it if they have the need or desire to do so. Designed in the keys of 4 and 8, this hex exemplifies the qualities of cat spirit. Need an extra bit of energy and confidence in a new project? This hex sign just might fit the bill.

  • Beloved Hex: "To thee, that is most beloved" is the energy instilled in this hex. Heavy reds, tulips, and hearts are employed in the design. There are also some hidden symbols within this as well, and the symbols themselves are layered in symbolism. A fetus is represented for new beginnings, love, and life. Again, we see the 4's and 8's. It's just a great talisman for new ventures, new moms, pregnancies, and the love of your life -whoever or whatever that may be.

  • Moonphases Hex: First and foremost, It is calming. It's just beautiful to look at. This hex features the phases of the moon, diamonds, pearls, attunes to silver (moon metals), flowers....*my soul*. I love this one. It is the motherly hex, a woman mysteries hex, the power of the moon, phases of life, maturity, coming into seasons, and menopause. The blues and silvers are calming like the ocean and instilled with empowering tides, cycles, and comfort in the creative flow.

If you are interested in the history of the Hex signs and how to create and use your own, I do offer a class from time to time.

The other hex signs here are my designs of more common symbols. We have the Chinese knot for long life, a pretty little Victorian sun, the Icelandic/Scandanavian Vegvisir or "Wayfinder", and the pentagram.

The "Pentamals" designs feature a circle of cute animals surrounding an inverted pentagram.

Uh oh...An inverted pentagram means "evil"....right?

No. Not always. Some people use it as such, but usually, they're trying to be scary, edgy, and attention-seeking. Hollywood loves to spin a spooky yarn and make us the bad guys. A pentagram symbolizes the 5 elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. In the upright position (point up), it represents putting energy out. In the inverted position (point down) it represents pulling energy in.

It's about as evil as eating a cheeseburger.

So, there you have it. These are my daily offerings for October 8th, 2022.

Have a great weekend!

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