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What's my style?

Confused about where to start? Not sure what brick-o-brack compliments a favorite bauble or other knick-knack? View the style guide below to see what style might be right for you! 



Gothic style is frequently dark tones, mysterious and romantic, and full of visions of medieval castles, ghosts, dark hallways and dimly-lit rooms. 

Does this sound like your cup of tea?

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Dark Academia

Are you drawn to old libraries?

Does the prospect of hidden rooms, arcane and mystical tomes and magical adventure inspire you? 

The perhaps Dark Academia is more your style.

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Goth Grunge, Skater Goth

& 90's Punk

Miss the 80's? Do the 90's spin in regular rotation in your brain or playlist?

If flannel and plaids are comfortable parts of your wardrobe, then perhaps this style is for you!


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Are spell casting, black cats and metaphysical mystique reflected in your magic mirror!

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Steampunk & Dark Carnivalia

If intricate and dark costumery, headdresses, and elements of cosplay frequent your closet, perhaps this style is for you!   


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Dark Mori & Fairytale

If oversized sweaters, hiking boots, big baskets full of herbs, bones and cupcakes, books of old legends and Grimm fairytales are the wickedy witch every day style for you, then perhaps your style is Dark Fairytale!


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Horrorpunk, Psychobilly & Gothabilly

Halloween! monsters, creepers and things that go bump in the night, film noir, 50s and 60s vibes and horror movies...lots and lots of horror movies. Is this your groove?

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<----featured left-my favorite Horrorpunk band "The Other". No cringy infringy meant, but if we're going to talk horropunk, I have to include. <3

What Style Am I?

If you're wondering what the preferred sense of style is for your most favorite witchy artist these days,

( aka moi ;) )

now is your chance to find out. 


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