Gothic Graffiti™ is a shop of Ravynmoon.com and was founded as an expression of art and esotericism through fashion and as a solution to reach a broader audience through resourcing. 

Each piece is hand designed and speaks to those of alternative nature.

We provide magical items and playful designs. This unique vision is expressed in all we do; from clothing to books, art and tapestry-we believe that your home is your magical space and your clothing and accessory choices are expressions of unique and personal empowerment.


To reach a larger audience and to be able to provide more of our designs in an economically and environmentally efficient way, we've chosen to have much of our clothing printed by trusted textile manufacturers on a print-on-demand basis. This means that production only takes place when an order arrives. This cuts back on overall production cost and creates less waste.


Our commitment to providing environmentally friendly produced pieces continues as the production team for each item is carefully chosen for not only their high quality garments, but to their own mission and standards to provide ecologically sound manufacturing, many of which employ the use of water-based pigments,  non-toxic components and paperless automation. 

Our artisans are in house, experienced, creatively driven, magically affluent, dark Gothic creatures, seeking to save the forest and each other-one enchanted product at a time. 

To learn more about Ravynmoon, visit the website. There, you can sign up for classes, get daily tarot readings, look through our online book of shadows, engage with us socially and keep up with our general magical exploits, paranormal experiences, artistic projects and shenanigans. 

We're not like everyone else...

​Gothic Graffiti was designed to be a shop for those of darker, esoteric & playful aesthetic. 

We are more than a Goth shop. Here you will find unique and creative clothing designs;  from fairytale and magical to items inspired by our favorite games and literature, to the weird, arcane and unusual.  



Our designs are original and exclusive to this shop. Our metaphysical items are made by hand, from our own forest and gardens, as well as being collected from places of high intrigue.

"Gothic Faerytale Majic" 

The items we create reflect a certain kind of alchemy that is unique, to help bring balance, protection and abundance to you and your nest.

Many of our items are majikally enhanced or empowered, by real witches of the Veshigi tradition of Appalachian Hexerei.



We are a novelty shoppe, which means we offer items that are unique  and unusual.

Basically, we are just real people who live in the forest on a plateau in Tennessee, trying to get by on our own good skill and good heart with a lot of good ideas and a fair amount of interesting ways of expressing them. 



 "But your prices are high."     

They're not, actually. They cost no more than you would pay for an item at the mall. 

Each clothing item is made well and created "on demand", which helps the environment by not having any overstock or waste, and helps us out because we can't afford to buy bulk. 


Art Designs are created by Ari.

We like to use a print shop in Germany because of their green values, but many of our other items are made here in the U.S. If you have a question or concern about location or product lineage, just ask. 


We are currently working from our home in Tracy City, Tennessee. We have begun the process of building a physical shoppe, but until then, this is what we got.

We like to have fun.

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