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Gothic Graffiti™ is a shop of and was founded as an expression of art and esotericism through fashion and as a solution to reach a broader audience through resourcing and making use of witchy internet powers. 

Each piece is hand designed and speaks to those of alternative nature. We make stuff for nerds, gamers, Goth and alternative folks, people who like to collect weird things, and many other this and that.


We provide magical items and playful designs that is hard to find on adult clothing.

This unique vision is expressed in all we do; from clothing to books, art and tapestry-we believe that your home is your magical space and your clothing and accessory choices are expressions of unique and personal empowerment.

We live in Tracy City, Tennessee - in the heart of the Cumberland plateau. We call this the "Transylvania of the South", because of the history, current goings-on and location. We migrated here from Maryland about 13 years ago, to seek a more laid back lifestyle, free from clutter. A place in the forest, where I could live my best witchy life, grow cabbages and make art. We also wanted to be near our aging parents to help out where and when we can. 

Right now, we are living with my parents, however, the goal is to create a nice witchy cottage and build a little physical store. 

Unfortunately, as in all things, a degree of money is required. 

This store was set up as my way to try to get some form of income to create that shop and sustain my family.


I like to keep things as natural as possible. Environmentally sensitive or at the very least, respectful, or "trying", is important to me. In an attempt to do these things, I turned my less than computer savvy self to the internet, to reach a larger audience and to be able to provide more of our designs in an economically and environmentally efficient way. 

I/ we've (Jason and I), have chosen to have much of our clothing printed by trusted textile manufacturers on a print-on-demand basis. This means that production only takes place when an order arrives. This cuts back on overall production cost and creates less waste. Most of our items are printed and sewn here in the United States, helping to keep that economy local. Our 2 main print companies are in Florida and North Carolina. A couple things are printed for me in Canada, and I'm only able to have the shoes printed in China.   


We carefully select companies to work with because of work ethic, overall cost, production time, and that they are at some degree, committed to providing environmentally friendly produced pieces. 

The production team for each item is carefully chosen for not only their high quality garments, but to their own mission and standards to provide ecologically sound manufacturing, including the use of water-based pigments,  non-toxic components, organic fabric options and paperless automation. 

Our artisans are in house, experienced, creatively driven, magically affluent, dark Gothic creatures, (again, Jason and myself),  seeking to save the forest and each other-one enchanted product at a time. 

At some point in the hopefully near future, we'll have our physical shop built, an address you can actually visit will accompany this website, and you will be able to pop in, touch things, get a tarot reading and sit down and have a cup of coffee or tea with me and go for a walk through the garden. 


Dreams gotta start somewhere. Right?


Til then, this is my gothic graffiti. Me tagging everything I can with my brand of nerdiness, quirkiness, fun, playful, esoteric and weird. 


Thanks for popping in. 



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