Gothic Graffiti was designed to be a shop for those of darker, esoteric & playful aesthetic. 

We are more than a Goth shop. Here you will find unique and creative clothing designs;  from fairytale and magical to items inspired by our favorite games and literature, to the weird, arcane and unusual.  



Wrap yourself in magic and haunt the imagination with soft and versatile fabrics, esoterically inspired designs and hauntingly memorable patterns. 

Browse our collections of apparel and accessories and invoke the spirits of curiosity and passion that is intimately and uniquely you. 



Create thyself.


Welcome to the enchanted forest.


Browse through our collections of apparel, accessories, art and home goods to find just what you need to make this season magical.


Whether you want pillows for resting, meditating or decorating, warm blankets for cold nights by the campfire, or magical trinkets and baubles to spread a little magic throughout your home...we've got you covered.


Join the Coven.

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video or special event. 

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We are history, mystery & majik.

:.Enchant Your World:.

Gothic Graffiti™ is operated by Ravynmoon as part of the Wintermoon Collective; Witches creating items for witches. 

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